La Canada Valley Beautiful has been dedicated to the improvement and beautification of La Canada since l964. For over fifty years the generous support of our community has made it possible for us to maintain and improve landscapes in public spaces of La Canada and to recognize outstanding residential and commercial gardens in our community.

In 2007 La Canada Valley Beautiful began work on a demonstration garden project at the La Canada Library. The five gardens in this project, Australian, Chilean, Mediterranean, Native Californian, and Western Cape of South Africa, represent regions with climates compatible with Los Angeles. In addition to the Library Gardens, La Canada Valley Beautiful has planted drought tolerant landscaping around Lanterman Auditorium and the Trail Head on Foothill Boulevard next to St. Bede Church. We have also improved and maintained the landscaping in front of the Post Office on Foothill Boulevard. Smaller projects have involved Fire Station #28 and local schools, and working with the A.M. Kiwanis whose members provide maintenance of the freeway entrance at the north west corner of Angeles Crest.

Our goal is that our accessible demonstration projects will not only enhance the appearance of our community but will also serve as a source of information and inspiration. We encourage and recognize efforts by our residents and local businesses who beautify and maintain their properties by presenting monthly awards to outstanding gardens. As we transition landscapes during our acute drought, La Canada Valley Beautiful’s landscape awards will reflect this new reality. We believe landscaping can be not only lush and beautiful, but also interesting and enjoyable by using more drought-tolerant plants and wise use of watering techniques.

In 2012 we added a Green Landscape Award to recognize the increase of drought tolerant gardens in La Canada. So many of our neighbors have been creating beautiful, sustainable gardens, we are now expanding the number of monthly Green Awards to recognize their successes. La Canada Valley Beautiful is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization funded by donations from our community members as well as grants from the City of La Canada and Los Angeles County. We hope you will consider joining us as we continue our mission of landscape beautification and conservation in La Canada.

LCVB Board of Directors

Carolyn Hanna, President

Liz Argue

Barbie Eland

Sandy Erickson

Chris Holmes

Barbara Kuhl

Eva Macho

Cynthia Pygin

Angela Rohan-Awad

Joellen Yundt